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Hwy 400 Construction

HIGHWAY 69 - Four Laning

Transportation minister signals support for Hwy. 69 four-laning Feb 7, 2019

Long a priority for the city, work has gone on for decades four-laning the road connecting Sudbury and Toronto. About $850 million has been spent since 2003, expanding 132 kilometers of the roadway.

MOVING FORWARD - A Strategic Approach to Ontario's Transportation Needs pdf - Feb. 5, 2019

Plans to expand Highway 69 were originally announced in 1991 and,since that point, the project has been paused, modified, and forgotten by successive provincial governments.49 Over the past 15 years, approximately $850 million has been spent expanding 132 kilometers of the roadway, with plans to complete the entire project by 2021. Construction is ongoing for a 14 kilometer section. When complete, this will leave 68 kilometers that would still need to be four-laned, which is estimated to cost $200 million.

Highway 69 project in doubt; Sudbury chamber pushes for completion - Set. 20, 2018

“The highway was designed at a time when the majority of freight traffic was still being transported by railways and cannot accommodate the heavy transport traffic that is now the common mode of commercial and industrial freight,” Nichols and Macnamara wrote. “Highway closures due to accidents or inclement weather can result in significant adverse impact on inter/intra-provincial trade, especially for companies that are dependent on just-in-time delivery to achieve maximum productivity efficiencies. Highway 69 is routinely closed for hours at a time due to accidents, adding hundreds of kilometers and several hours of detours to the commutes of thousands of people driving on the highway. Such accidents serve as both an economic and tourism deterrent, and are often fatal due to the nature of the road. We hear far too often in the North of these fatalities and it cannot continue.”

Northern Highways Program 2017-2021  pdf- Aug. 3, 2017

69 Four laning.JPG

Search "Four-laning highway 69." Articles

Search" Four-laning highway 69." Articles

Ontario Highway 69 - Wiki 

History - The King's Highway 69

Moose are quite common along Highway 69. These enormous animals can often be seen crossing the highway corridor. This represents a serious collision hazard, because these animals are difficult for motorists to see at night. Slow down and be prepared for moose if you plan to use Highway 69 at night.


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