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Winter Wonderland
59 Images
Digital, Scanned Photos, Frozen Film
Also see Winter Page
112 Images
Spring 2011
20 Images

Please send in you additions !!!

Spring 2010
102 Images

Starting March 15, 2010 and progressing on.

Thanks for all your contributions. Keep them coming!

88 Images
Old Postcards and Brochures
217 Images

Thanks for your participation!!

Hint: Click on the thumbnail, then click on the card, for an even LARGER image.


Regatta Posters
75 Images

New additions have made the Historic Regatta Posters Collection now fairly complete back to 1978 (Four Junior Regatta holes, 2009, 1990, 1985, 1978). A few of them are fuzzy, but overall a really good show. A much, much better "Full Screen Slideshow" is available Here on Flicker. If you have any troubles with that click HERE, select "Slideshow", hit "F11". You can also slow it down under "Options". Hope you enjoy! Cheers!!!


42 Images

Your participation is key. Please consider sharing some of your historic photos. Thank you!

Georgian Bay from the Air
39 Images
French River Tour
72 Images

A wedding drew us north.

Bustard Islands Fire
25 Images

Careless campers are believed to have started a forest fire near the Bustard Islands on North Eastern shores of Georgian Bay Saturday evening July 14th. Two MNR water bombers responded quickly after being called by a nearby cottager. A crew of twelve worked to permanently extinguish the fire through Tuesday July 17, 2012.

Isle of Good Deeds Photography


Hint: Select slideshow at bottom, then Large and 10 seconds. Move cursor out of picture.

Snake Island tour
81 Images
Best of 2011
427 Images
Summer 2010
116 Images
2009 Pointe-au-Baril
112 Images
Shots from the Isle of Good Deeds
69 Images
Save Georgian Bay Lighthouses
16 Images

Georgian Bay’s Lighthouses are under siege. Act NOW and let YOUR voice be heard. Sign this petition !!!

It's hard to believe but all of these lighthouses could be torn down and replaced with a steal tower. Just stab me through the heart. Read about it here...


Art Gallery
21 Images

Here is an opportunity for all age groups to be recognized and share your

Pointe-au-Baril artwork with the world.

Submissions Welcomed

Contact Webmaster  - Thank you!


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