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Bustard Islands Fire

Careless campers are believed to have started a forest fire near the Bustard Islands on North Eastern shores of Georgian Bay Saturday evening July 14th. Two MNR water bombers responded quickly after being called by a nearby cottager. A crew of twelve worked to permanently extinguish the fire through Tuesday July 17, 2012.

Isle of Good Deeds Photography


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Near Bustard Islands
Northeastern Shore
Georgian Bay
Careless Campers
Forest Fire
July 14, 2012
Nearby Cottager
Calls MNR
Respond quickly
Not Cool
MNR Water Bomber
MNR Water Bomber
To the rescue
Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay
Two Water Bombers
Water Bombers
Taming the Fire
Taming the Fiire
Skeletons Remain
Smoldering for Days