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Your participation is key. Please consider sharing some of your historic photos. Thank you!

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Archie Taylor Marina
Archie & Edna Taylor with friends - May 1956
Edna and Shirley Taylor
Art on the rocks
PAB station long ago
W.S.Oldfield fishing tug
Commercial fishing
Coast Guard ship, Remy
Main Cottage on Double Island
Oldfield log cabin
The steam tug
Net shed
Ojibway centennial
Ojibway Centennial
Ojibway centinnel
Range Island harbor
Archie Taylor postcard
Rescue of the Gary M fishing tug
Double Island harbor
Ojibway dining room
Edna Taylor
Double Island postcard
Bellevue hotel postcard
C.P.R. Station road postcard
C.P.R Bridge postcard
First light keeper at PAB
Year unknown
PAB 1920
PAB Station
Old Outboard
Swimming Raft
Days Catch
Swim Ladder
Platform Tent
Inside the Tent
Tent Living
Old Lighthouse Lantern
S Turn Marker
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