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Old Postcards and Brochures

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The Ojibway Hotel - before the tower
The Ojibway Hotel, Ojibway Island, 1910
Ojibway Hotel, about 1910, split image on card
Ojibway Hotel
Original Ojibway Hotel, built in 1906
East End of Ojibway Porch, 1909
Bert Bruckland
Ojibway Hotel, after 1913 addition of tower
Ojibway after 1913 additions made
Ojibway, around 1913, roof lines are different
Ojibway Hotel, mailed 1915
Ojibway Hotel photo postcard, 1916
Ojibway Boathouse and Icehouse
Ojibway Diving Board
Ojibway Hotel
The Lounge Ojibway Hotel
Ojibway Hotel 1940s
Stamps & Postmarks
Ojibway Hotel 1950s
Early Ojibway Hotel, before 1913
An Indian Papoose, 1914
Peter Pamajawong
Guides at the Ojibway Hotel, year unknown
Indian Camp on Ojibway Island, 1912
From Ojibway Veranda, 1945
Oakwood Cottage, Ojibway Island
Shuffleboard and Badminton Courts at the Ojib
Ojibway Lounge
Corner of the Living Room, 1941
Lounge at the Ojibway, late 40's or early 50's
Verandah at the Ojibway Hotel, 1924
Dining Room at the Ojibway, 1920s
Dining Room at the Ojibway, 1940s
Wharf at the Ojibway Hotel, 1916
Regatta at the Ojibway, year unknown
The Ojibway Dock
On Ojibway Island, year unknown
On Ojibway Island
Elmendorf Point
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