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Cottage at Point au Baril

Cottage at Point au Baril

This is one of my all time favourite cards.


I am sure it is written by Helen Davis, Hamilton Davis' sister.   She is writing to Ellis Gay at 40 Essex St in Rochester.

She says   "May may come Sund. Couldn't you call her up and tell her she'd care for it deeply.  this is a picture of the Mosher's cottage - some class?  They are coming Sunday.  We weren't seasside crossing, but we had one auwful time in Toronto with our baggage.  Our cottage is as dear - right down on the water front.  There are already Rochester people here.   Helen."


I'm sure it is from Helen Davis talking about her cottage on St. Helena and May Bragden.,

Uploaded: Sun Feb 19, 2012 @ 08:23PM by Barry, Rebecca Middleton